The Hotel Restaurant San Benedetto open to the public and guests of the hotel, offers seasonal menus and traditional specialties of the Emilian cuisine.

Typical Emilian cuisine and “mountain” cuisine

Handmade pasta (Tortelli) by

Handmade pasta (Tortelli) by

Among the many dishes we can mention:
herbs, potatoes and pumpkin tortelli, the capelletti in broth, the fried gnocco and tigelle with chopped bacon and sausages.

The typical vegetable cakes such as erbazzone and potato pie.

Of absolute importance in the area, is the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and butter, essential ingredients in the culinary preparation of Emilian dishes.
Of note is the salami and other cured meats and artisanal production strictly of great value.

In addition to the annual menu, the chef serves dishes using seasonal produce, fresh and so limited in time, ranging through the entire culture of international cuisine.

Dining room for group meals

The Hotel Restaurant San Benedetto has dining room with 90 people, ideal for weddings, baptisms, business lunches and dinners.

Ristorante Foresteria San Benedetto

Restaurant Hotel Foresteria San Benedetto

The menu of traditional cuisine

The Restaurant Hotel San Benedetto is rich in traditional Emilian dishes all handmade.

Here you will always find:

Handmade Pasta: Green Tortelli (herb), potatoes tortelli, pumpkin tortelli, ravioli with radicchio.

Cappelletti, Cappellacci, tagliatelle, polenta. And many other dishes.

Grilled meat, beef, filet, roasted medallions.

Fried mushrooms and truffle in season.

Homemade cakes and parfaits.

Tigelle with fried dumplings (gnocco) and cold meats and cheeses.

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